Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future
Show me your scars and I can help with the suture
I can reap, must mean I can sew
I must say you’re in trouble, you’re working with a surgeon who’s working as a double
I have never stitched up my own

I’m on my way
You know I’ll be a doctor one day
If my father only knew the steps that I take
I’m on my way

Now she’s down the street sitting in sunshine
Probably smoking weed and sipping on box wine
She knows me, but she calls me by a different name
Now she’s by the fire, hanging cold stockings, I’m letting baby Jesus do most of the talking
There’s a beauty in the silence that I chalk up to Christmas time

Well I’m on my way
I’ve got me a wife, she calls me her babe
If she only knew the steps that I take
I’m on my way

Oh my god, I’m having a baby
I knew this day would come to finally save me, teach me love and how to stay
Piece by piece sew rubble to rubble
I learned how to walk by learning to stumble
Get my off the boat, I’m ready to be on land